What is AE Heart?

AE Heart is a strategic retro dungeon crawler by Telenon Towers.


When is it coming out?

AE Heart is due to come out March of 2014.


What systems is it being released for?

The initial release will be Windows only, though it may come to other systems later!


How do I play?

The game lasts for a set number of days. Every night, you will visit a dungeon of your choice in order to claim the rewards it holds and grow strong by defeating the enemies there.



At the beginning of the game, you choose your class, which determines what items and passive upgrades your character is likely to have. All this is randomized, so each class leads to a variety of playstyles.



Items are selected from your class starting pool and items found in dungeons, and range from fantasy mainstays like swords and bows to sticky bombs, boomerangs, and over 50 other items. Each item has its own unique attack pattern.


Level Grid!

The Level Grid lets you pick passive upgrades for your character. Leveling up grants resources which may be used to unlock grid nodes. The quantity of each kind of node is influenced by your class. You may respec at any time, so you may constantly rearrange your grid to get the most from your items.



Each dungeon is randomly generated, but you know ahead of time how difficult each dungeon will be and what the rewards are. You may also bet on your performance in the dungeon, with rewards being given if you can make it to the exit without dying.



Once in the dungeon, your goal is to collect all of the suits scattered around the level and any greater rewards the level may hold. Beware, the dungeon is dangerous! It may be better at times to run rather than fight, so you can gather more of the remaining rewards.



The suits you gather in the dungeon are used to purchase buildings to improve your town. Each building will draw suits from buildings around it, which determines when the dungeons will grow in challenge and reward, which in turn will give you more suits for building.



The Destiny Path shows your goals for the game. Generally, the goal will be to own all buildings in your town, though some maps will have trickier victory conditions. There may also be conditions to unlock secret dungeons with greater rewards! Complete the Path before you run out of days and you will reach the true end of the game.



Fight mighty bosses and a variety of enemies while gathering what you need to beat the game and get a high score!